sometimeswrong: Hi Hi. A question not so much about cosplay but about the conventions themselves. I went to the mcm in Manchester this year and was left feeling a bit underwhelmed. It seemed like we were paying our money to go into a pop up shopping mall rather than something really for anime and cosplay fans. The con goers rather than the expo itself were really the main attraction. Which cons do you think do it best and what would you like to see cons doing to be more fan based? Loved the Alice/Ciel cos btw. 

While I’ve never been to the Manchester MCM, only the London one, I totally get where you’re coming from. I’m actually sitting on the same problem at the minute, as with every MCM I feel like I’m just paying to socialise with people and not for an actual convention. I’d like to see more cosplay based things at cons really—you know, workshops, demonstrations, materials available for purchase, photoshoot areas and stuff like that. Panels are good too, though MCM does already have those (but they’re generally about series I’m personally not that interested in, unfortunately for me but I know plenty of fans are happy). I’d like to see more artists as well, doing more than just selling their works; presentations and Q&A sessions would be amazing, as well as maybe some skit performances on during the daytime rather than just in masquerade competitions. You know, more interaction between the con and the fans, anything like that would be amazing!

And thank you!! >w<